Today's markets are in a constant state of change, which naturally forces you to make changes so that you can react quickly to the competition.

At the same time liberalization of the global market is opening up new opportunities for you, allowing you to offer your products worldwide.

Ever shorter innovation cycles are key in determining the activities of your company management. Current trends and changes in your customers' behaviour constantly provide you with new opportunities to further your success.

We too would like to face these challenges with a customised and needs-based approach. As your consultancy firm we are committed to using every opportunity to push forward your goals and interests on all levels. In the area of tax and economic consultancy we can collate all the relevant corporate data for you in a timely fashion using the most modern EDP systems so that you can make the right decisions about the future direction of your company. The successful representation of your interests relies on client-oriented team organisation, efficiency, flexibility and high quality standards - all of which we endeavour to provide.

The successful development of your company itself is dependent on many factors; there is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' solution. We take the time to meet your requirements flexibly and to customise our approach to your individual needs. Thus we can offer you a personal team service characterised by quality and individuality.

Small sample of our areas of activity

If any of our services has caught your eye, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As our client, you will be the focus of all the named services.

Naturally language barriers are no problem for us, as many of our team members have excellent English.

We also cooperate with partners who can support us in the resolution of the most varied of matters - all so that we can resolve far-reaching tasks on your behalf, competently and reliably.

Legal consultancy and the contractual regulation of all issues of company law are ensured through our work with lawyers in project-specific co-operations, while constantly being mindful of providing uniform and consistent consultancy services.

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. Specialist professional colleagues, both at home and abroad, are available to assist us, and you, with the resolution of any issue, thus guaranteeing you a full, high-quality consultancy service, particularly with respect to cross-border matters.