Financial accounting

  • Regular preparation of your financial accounts
  • Establishment of and support for the accounts department in your firm
  • Preparation of managerial analyses detailing the tax information that is important for you, for the purposes of company management - tailored to suit your needs
  • Handling of your dunning process or payment transactions
  • Deadline monitoring and tax payment instructions
  • Quality control of already completed accounts
  • Reporting for the corporate accounting system

Payroll accounting

  • Wages and construction industry wages accounting
  • Registrations and de-registrations with the statutory health insurance funds
  • Preparation of statements of contributions paid to health insurance funds and employers' liability insurance associations
  • Wage debt returns (payee declarations)
  • Preparation of statements of earnings for health insurance funds, employment agencies or other organisations
  • Support in your costs planning
  • Support during audits by the social insurance carriers, tax offices, German federal employment agencies, employers' liability insurance association and pension funds
  • Support for your Human Resources department

Preparation of balance sheets and tax declarations

  • All required preparatory work for the financial statements
  • Preparation of your balance sheet, profit and loss account as well as the appendix for limited liability companies and help in the drafting of your management report
  • Company-specific explanatory report including a meaningful performance indicator analysis
  • Preparation of special and supplementary balance sheets
  • Processing of all corporate and private tax declarations taking tax optimisation into consideration
  • Support during mandatory audits