EU Representative and Data-Protection Officer

Many companies outside the EU offer their goods and services to customers in the EU without having a branch office here and without sufficiently dealing with the issue of European data protection. GTK Data GmbH offers legal advice and takes over the representation vis-à-vis the authorities.

What is an Authorized EU-Representative?

GTK Data will take on all communication with EU-Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) and EU-data-subjects. We keep your records of processing activities on file and will check with you for regular updates.

Pursuant to Article 27 of GDPR your EU-Representative must be located in one country of the EU where your company processes personal data or where data-subjects whose data you process live or stay.

When do you need an Authorized EU-Representative?

You may need an Authorized EU-Representative if you offer goods or services to customers in the EU. We offer a legal assessment in a personal conversation free of charge – done by a certified data-specialist.

You go through our questionnaire in a phone call with a certified data-specialist.

If you prefer email-communication please send your request here.

Do you need an Authorized EU Representative?

IF your company is located outside the EU there are 3 questions:

  •  Do you offer goods to customers in the EU?
  •  Do you offer services to customers in the EU?
  •  Do you monitor the behaviour of people in the EU?

If your answer is YES to one of the questions and you don’t have a presence in Europe you need to appoint an Authorized EU Representative.

This obligation applies to data-controllers and data processors.

Very limited exemptions apply:

No EU representative needs to be appointed if the processing is occasional, does not include – on a large scale – special categories of data (Art. 9 GDPR) or processing of personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences (Art. 10 GDPR) and is unlikely to constitute a specific risk due to the nature, context, scope and purposes of the processing.  These conditions need to apply cumulative. Also, public authorities or bodies do not need to appoint an EU representative.

Who is GTK Data?

GTK Data is a specialist for EU-Representation. We also offer UK-Representation through one of our partners.

We are certified Data Protection Officers with qualifications as Lawyers in Germany, Solicitors in England and Wales and certifications by the Technical Control Board of Germany (TÜV) and the Academy of the Chamber of Commerce (IHK Akademie Koblenz).

We offer representation services for all Non-EU companies in the EU (and in the UK), for EU-companies to have a representation in the UK and for UK-companies to have a representation in the EU.

GDPR has opening clauses and different languages which vary from country to country.

GTK Data will help you to keep up with the challenges of this legal and language situation.

We will communicate with you in English and with the EU-countries in the local official language