EuropeFides Network

To enable us to solve your tasks competently and reliably, our cooperation partner supports us in solving all issues. Legal advice and the contractual design of all corporate and business law issues are ensured by project-oriented cooperation, taking into account an integrated consultation with lawyers.

Specialised colleagues are available to help us and you with the solution of all tasks. We thus guarantee you a full service with high-quality advice, especially with regard to cross-border problems. In the case of statutory audits of companies you can fall back on our cooperation partner, so that support in all areas is possible.

European association of independant tax consultants,
certified accountants and lawyers

EuropeFides is a non-exclusive association of independent small and medium-sized tax advisors, certified accountants, auditors and law firms.

The association was founded in 2008 with the aim of bringing together experts from allover Europe enabling members to provide better all-round service to their clients.

EuropeFides has since branched out to Asia, the Middle East, Africa and North America and is actively looking to expand its representation both in Europe and allover the globe.


Regional Know-How and Comprehensive Services

As markets become more and more international, small and medium-sized businesses also increasingly seek advice on cross-border issues. Being able to fall back on experts with longstanding experience in their local jurisdictions and a comprehensive range of services becomes indispensable when businesses venture into new countries.

Through their membership of EuropeFides, member firms always have direct access to experts all over Europe and beyond, allowing them to provide the best possible advice to their clients.

Local Advice

EuropeFides partners have knowledge and expertise within their local jurisdiction and can thus offer the best advice to clients who always have direct access to the local partner. EuropeFides offers you the advantage of getting advice on all issues, whether straightforward or complex, in your own language so that you fully understand the local issues.

Accounting and law firms across Europe feel a strong need to create associations

When you are establishing or expanding your business to any European country including Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom or outside Europe to China, Singapore, the USA or other jurisdictions, our  tax consultants, certified accountants and lawyers can advise and assist you.

Since its creation EuropeFides has grown rapidly. Entrepreneurs, family businesses and mid-sized companies are wary of going to the big firms when undertaking international business. EuropeFides gives them a real alternative, providing a personalized service with a better understanding of the individual needs, priorities and expectations of every client.

The professional services are provided by affiliates, each of the members is a legally separate and independent entity. The brand / trademark is protected all over Europe.